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Why does air hostess set an example in the use that aerobic face guard does befo
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◎ is written to post the favorite ◎ that person ◎ adds to me replies Basic message category: Seize the opportunity common senseDescribe in detail The plane is in 4268 meters (14000 feet) when the height of above flies, want pair of cockpit pressure boost. If in case plane cockpit is broken pressure, can cause anoxic, the passenger will be giddy because of this drive perception even, and even endanger life. Next watches listed the situation that produces cockpit give away official secrets on different height falls, person can susceptive is anoxic time: The flight bears highly time 6100 meters (20000 feet) 10 minutes 7800 meters (25000 feet) 2 minutes 9140 meters (30000 feet) 30 seconds 10700 meters (35000 feet) 20 seconds 12200 meters (40000 feet) 15 seconds 19800 meters (65000 feet) 12 seconds oxygen. Below the situation that produces give away official secrets in plane cockpit, the cover meets oxygen carry condole on the head automatically to fall down from cabin, the passenger should wear aerobic cover, till the plane drops,pick it to the ability when the safe height that can breathe is the following. Enough aerobic face guard prepared on every airliner, namely every passenger has deploy, and every pew still deserves to install a pair to reserve more face guard, in case accident.