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Old people is awaited machine only
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◎ is written to post the favorite ◎ that person ◎ adds to me replies Basic message category: Seize the opportunity common senseDescribe in detailWhite cloud airport adds newly " await seat of machine floor old people " service project gets the welcome of broad and senile passenger, pass the special inspection of committee of job of Guangzhou city old age smoothly. The setting of old people seat went to the lavatory not only old people is awaited machine, and the service function that perfected the airport further.

In recent years, the senile passenger of airport of white cloud of pass in and out is increasing. White cloud airport awaits machine building to manage a branch to await seat of old people of the setting inside machine building in home, international 176, establish by " old people is special seat " lead demonstrative medal. To make seat setting convenient and practical, await machine building to managed a branch to be analysed seriously state the passenger position inside machine building, will " only " place in await the passenger inside machine building's concentrated area, these seat held the clear position that states passageway of machine building passenger, particularly convenient old people is awaited machine.