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How to take international scheduled flight?
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◎ is written to post the favorite ◎ that person ◎ adds to me replies Basic message category: Seize the opportunity common senseDescribe in detail Take before international airliner is taking off as far as possible two hours to reach the airport, deal with to airline bar report for duty (Check In) formalities and custom, card is illuminated check, quarantine leave the country formalities.

When reporting for duty, give the viatic certificate such as oneself airline ticket, passport, visa, yellow book bar clerk, fill in a condition record card. Do not have via checking by accident later, it is baggage weigh then. The setting has platform balance on the side of bar, besides portable baggage, should go up balance. Next the clerk takes need examination baggage to bar inside, other baggage reassign give you; Fill on airline ticket
Weight, several, hang the baggage that has checked the luggage check, receipt and airline ticket also are handed in keep by passenger proper motion, the newspaper also was finished to formalities.

After the newspaper has done to formalities, reassign of meeting general passport, airline ticket, visa, yellow book gives airline you, give you one leaves the country declare watch and boarding card, guan Shen newspaper reachs preparative Xiang Hai deal with leave the country formalities. Leave the country Guan Shen newspaper uses Xiang Hai declare a watch, the boarding card is to be in enter leave the country after the room, the autograph after be being checked by custom personnel is put. Wait for baggage examination to end, declare what the autograph puts the watch to join the custom staff that gives exit again, can take out baggage smoothly. Still a piece of seat gets stuck, some airline can discharge calm seat beforehand, some makes a passenger free choose, get stuck by this piece of seat, you can prepare to board the plane.

To understand for the purpose of, turn among them program measure:

1, will leave the country by travel agent the leader of a sports team the person that brief introduction gives the program go on a tour;

2, all of the leader of a sports team is bought or the ginseng person that swim provides for oneself buy filling airport tax;

3, hold bill of tax of passport, airport to take gules channel, consign a Li Guo to install check;

4, deal with ascend plane formalities, get off to seize the opportunity that day ahead of schedule couplet, take care to be not ripped more, after doing ace add to consigned baggage, want to save good luggage claim tag;

5, too wholesome quarantine, produce yellow book;

6, check crossing a border, travel passport has been discharged by list order, ordinal through. So long-term passport person can take other channel, give pass through the territory of a country should fill leave the country card;
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