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Parents visits his family to the United States, should buy round-trip ticket?
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Bought double Cheng airline ticket to go with return trip Open, it is Open of half an year normally or a year of Open.
Seem need not check-up, I am done not have.
Some friends have check-up, seem to was not checked nevertheless.
Do not spend American emigrant official, say to forbid, still prepare ready. -- snow baby

Visitting his family commonly is the short-term visa of B1/B2, american immigration office wants hold to go back and forth between airline ticket without the requirement, but each airline may is opposite hold B1/B2 visa but the passenger that did not go back and forth between airline ticket expresses to suspect (cross secretly, but want to penalize airline fund,discover in the United States) , the immigration office also can serve as certain decision criteria with this sometimes. The proposal still is return dicket of try to win sb's favor, return dicket is a bit cheaper.
PLUS: B1/B2 visa can keep 6 months in the United States, at the same time Chinese passport should be at least inside 6 months period of efficacy ability enters a country.