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"Red-eyed " the airliner lives detailed rules
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Or stem from economic reason, or stem from scheduling, we chose most night by plane. If where " red-eyed " had sat on the airliner, had eaten, had slept, the author seeks many good plan from place of a few friends recently, come together to Zhu Jun below.

Very simple, "Sleep " !

"Red-eyed " the airliner lives the recipe of the law actually very simple, two words -- " sleep " ! Before the flight or later, no matter you how preparation of ground of try every means, adjust, restore or enduring, "Red-eyed " how is the live law on the airliner still basically the longest time sleeps in journey. No matter how can some people fall asleep, but another some of person however all night difficult Mian. If you fall asleep,do not have so fragile before perhaps boarding the plane very tired out, will be opposite so your " red-eyed " range is very helpful. Take " red-eyed " should rise early of the airliner in the morning that day, do do exercise, and whole do not want nap by day.

The requirement relies on a window or wear the seat of airframe forehead

A seat that relies on a window more be beneficial to fall asleep, because you can lean on the wall of recumbent plane already, won't disturb again with passenger. Your head somewhat ache of the neck when lean can avoid to awake, you also can be opened according to your need or close a window, and, nobody can leave because of rising and wake you. However, the seat that great majority relies on a window wants to compare other seat on the space that puts a foot small, this is to cooperate the curve of plane airframe.

When asking because bump when the plane,the seat of an airframe forehead is, the seat of the ministry after the seat of airframe forehead should compare airframe more not sensitive.

Should ensure your seat can postposition

Some seat, that a few pew that stand by urgent exit especially are cannot of postposition. Order a seat to perhaps be dealt with when you board the plane when formalities, the agent that should call you ensures the seat of your seat can postposition.

Artful arrangement wants when having personnel of person of the same trade

If you are mixed spouse, child, relative or cater-cousin is taken together " red-eyed " the word of the airliner, so be in the person arrangement with the lesser bodily form in you " among " seat, the person with older bodily form relies on a window to sit. Such word, small person can be recumbent big person, everybody can feel some more comfortable.

Cannot small look pillow and blanket

Do not know you to whether notice, "Red-eyed " there also always are enough pillow and blanket in airliner service. I am indecipherable why airline believes " red-eyed " it is OK on the airliner to there is a pillow on every pew. Sit " red-eyed " airliner, if your seat cannot postposition, it is a seat among, plus without pillow or blanket, that you but miserable excellent. Accordingly, board the plane be about to see apical of sth. worth seeing or reading pillow and blanket are had in boot; Once search to be not worn, ask for to the clerk in sky.
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