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Incur loss through delay of airliner of the Hang Mou austral yesterday makes a p
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"3 different takeoff time, those who use is same an airliner date, na Hang cheats the passenger to his plane with this kind of gimmick is too mean really. " after experiencing Na Hang to cancel 3 scheduled flights continuously, tens of renown discovery are duped and the passenger of as if wakening from a dream is complained to the reporter angrily. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter happens to travel together with this batch of passengers that are about to head for Shanghai, experienced this bizarre one act personally.

Is an airliner still 3 airliners?

That day midday 14 when make, airport respect announces Xin Baiyun, former on 15 when the 3525 airliners that fly to Shanghai 10 minutes from Guangzhou cancel, many 30 passenger surrounds the bar of hall setting out to should be worth personnel questioningly for this. At this moment, passengers just discover, the airline ticket that holds on their hand so, have 3 different takeoff time respectively, it is 3525 airliners together however. Among them, the earliest takeoff time is 13 when 50 minutes, the 2nd is 14 when 45 minutes, the 3rd is 15 when 10 minutes. These 3 different time are the airliner of 3525 to be cancelled early or late together however, incorporated entirely 16 when 3503 airliners of 05 minutes.

When be being established by the passenger of incur loss through delay bar inclose, the boat austral the requirement appears personally about the leader " say to be clear about " . Final result is, ship side appears personally without the leader already south, also do not have more detailed explanation. The staff member's explanation is varied, and mutual contradiction: "Reason of plane have enough to meet need " , " mechanical failure " . And analyse according to the passenger, because these 3 passengers that are 3525 airliners together are too little,main reason is, airline fears lose money in business cancelled to fly. Decide formerly 15 when the airliner that takes off 10 minutes sells only gave a few pieces of bills.

Later, the reporter is in 16 when take off 05 minutes 777 model see on the plane, on wide plane, although a lot of passengers still complain sound ceaseless, but pass 4 " airliner " " compress " , on machine 380 many places are whole all seats taken.

To this case, a passenger that often comes and go at Guangzhou, Shanghai tells a reporter, this kind of thing often has happen, he sees be used to was not blamed.

When selling airline ticket, know " airliner incur loss through delay " ?

In flight route, the reporter ever asked to grow by Wu: "Does the passenger that you know to there are 3 flight numbers on this plane cancel because of the airliner by incur loss through delay? If why listening to apologize to? " this grows by Wu answer: "I am sorry, our whats do not know. "
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