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Airline ticket common sense - do not treat cursorily " the passenger orders a sh
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Airline ticket common sense - do not treat cursorily " the passenger orders a sheet "

The passenger orders a sheet is the important basis that the passenger buys ticket and civil aviaton to provide a service accordingly. It must fill in by him passenger, unit of number of the full name that adds to place, certificate, citizenship, job and the accuracy that contact the content such as the phone are responsible. Airline ticket salesperson is answered " the passenger orders a sheet " , check seriously. If be treated cursorily " the passenger orders a sheet " , can appear to the journey to bring troublesome issue. , a passenger connection phone clerical error a number, chance place is changed by the airliner, staff of carry out ticket calls to be not contacted however repeatedly, as a result a 3 people fail to embark on a journey in time; Still two go the passenger of Xi'an does not know why to be " range " write in column on Shenyang, discover just now when conduction formalities, change rapidly, within an inch of by accident machine; And airline ticket salesperson also because of " Hui Yang " listen into " Guiyang " and must hit from dig down go to the airport chasing the person that buy a ticket, mistake of serious carry out ticket avoided one case before the airliner takes off, so, ask you to be kind to " the passenger orders a sheet " .


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