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Seize the opportunity guideline - when seizing the opportunity how does the choi
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Seize the opportunity guideline - when seizing the opportunity how does the choice face window seat?

The first time by plane, like to sit in the seat that relies on a window commonly? Plane seat reachs a rear from engine room forehead ordinal for 123... row, every by left wait for a date for A, B, C, D to right cent. The passenger is dealt with seize the opportunity when formalities, can get a piece of boarding check, boarding check indicates seat number. Seat sign is comprised by an arabic numerals and an English letter, the arabic numerals expresses the a fewth of the seat, english letter represents the specific position in this pew. For example, 5A is denotive it is the 5th A, 12D expresses 12 D, ordinal analogize.

If you are taken, is Boeing 737 planes, this machine has 6 places every rows, because fly,baseplate order is arranged by English letter order, the A with every accordingly medium pew with F stand by a window. If you are taken the plane has 4 places every rows only, so every A with D stand by a window. The first time by plane if the passenger hopes to sit in window edge, when conduction formalities, can raise a requirement to civil aviaton staff member.


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