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Compensate of manage of damaged baggage spot serves
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Compensate of manage of damaged baggage spot serves

Passenger baggage carries a be civil aviaton carriage job main component, in baggage carriage process, wait for the reason of the respect as a result of the airport or airline and problem of quality of outer packing of passenger oneself baggage, bring about a few passengers to consign baggage damaged. Concern a provision according to the industry: As a result of the passenger baggage damaged that the airport or airline reason cause, via confirming truly already cannot when repair, answer to offer compensation according to the compensatory standard of civil aviaton total bureau. However, the manage compensate of damaged baggage is the difficulty problem in abnormal baggage processing all the time, it is mood of the passenger when occurrence baggage damaged more excited; 2 it is the passenger often is opposite compensatory standard is dissatisfactory; Additional, even if is airline agrees compensate to pay a passenger a new case, also need the processing course of proper time, the passenger returns the airport 2 times to deal with compensate to pay formalities even, both sides spent too much energy, also brought very big inconvenience to the passenger at the same time.

The exploration that passes period of time and brew, shenzhen airport is rolled out at leading preexistence whole nation 1996 " compensate of manage of damaged baggage spot serves " . They and boot bag manufacturer signed the agreement that offer money, receive the box package that bought all sorts of norms, once produce passenger baggage damaged, after signing up for airline to agree via appraisal of staff member spot, what can realize compensate to pay a passenger a new case is affirmatory. Means of this kind of new-style baggage manage compensate, discharged a passenger already the 2 rush about pain that take the airport, also saved expenditure for airline and insurance company. Current, project of this high-quality goods service already was mixed by airport of domestic much home airline in succession follow the lead of, offerred advantage for broad passenger truly.


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