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The main national football Asian Cup competition in my heart for replacements
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16, Dongguan, sudden drop in temperature. Gao Hongbo training is still wearing that black suit, his chest that touch of red against the background of the brown grass, especially eye-catching. From the Asian Cup opener, but more than 20 days, Gao Jun of the preparation has been full speed - 18, they will usher in this training in Zhuhai, the first warm-up opponents: Estonia. "Asian Cup has been very close, and these two warm-up match is very important. On the one hand, to review the effect of team training some time ago, Hainan; the other hand, we want to adjust the state of competition." 16, told this reporter Gao Hongbo said, "Actually, honestly, by the preceding training and competition, the coach Group was generally has identified the starting lineup, but the individual locations also need to consider carefully the next two warm-up match will be a good test." Gao Hongbo not the result of the two warm-up match too seriously, "winning is not important, we only ask guys play usually required by the coaching staff what they need to play 100%." However, he is particularly concerned about two words, injuries. "Try to avoid unnecessary injuries. We so far have three players out through injury, accident injury can no longer afford the ... ..." Positioning the game the coaching staff is already clear, but for those who may be unsuccessful trip to the edge of Doha, international, for the game with Estonia and Macedonia, there may be the last chance. Everyone will want to give the point force to grab the last ticket. Han Peng Feng Renliang and pulled out injured, the count Ting Xiao Feng and Hao Junmin returnees, there are still 30 national football team, but the final list of 23, however, which means there will be 7 people facing out. "Early training in Hainan before the start of the coaching staff just like we said, we have a chance, but first train hard, and then show the status of warm-up match, the final 23-man squad will be determined based on these." 16, a national Team members told this reporter, "We trained very hard in Hainan, all in the teeth, who do not want to be elected. Now, going on to play the match and Estonia, this is a very important opportunity, I think, anyone who is not willing to post. "paused, he smiled and said:" So, these two games even though just a warm nature, but the process will be very intense and exciting. " Speaking of Estonia, though with the national football had played against before, but after all is what happened a few years ago. "Estonia is a typical European power-type team, very well organized defense, the coaching staff before they have seen a European Championship qualifier against Italy in the game, was impressed. Although the face of powerful enemies, and were on the road But Estonia is not in absolute under the wind. in particular their defense so often frustrated the home team, and ultimately the Italian just scored the winning goal with luck. "members of a national team coaching staff, obviously have a certain understanding of the enemy," but I heard that this time they come to a lot of young players, we have almost no idea. But in any case, these two warm-up, national football will take the initiative to allow players to adjust the state, looking for feeling. " The day before, FIFA announced the national teams of the latest world rankings, the Chinese team ranked 87th, up two from last month - the first 6,9 years of Asia, a new high. In this regard, preparation of the national football not too concerned about, the coaching staff with respect, points and ranking does not prove anything, the key depends on the performance on the pitch. "That these things are clouds. This session is the most important task national football World Cup 2014 qualifiers, including the Asian Cup, including, before all the training and competitions for this goal. We just need to play all the normal level and then through the game and address the problems found, this is the last word. "
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