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Opening of the Shenzhen airport border to escort the ship Automatic Identific
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Immigration Inspection Station reporter learned from Shenzhen airport, to further ensure the safety of the Asian Games during the seaport, and improve ship inspection means, at the recent opening of Shenzhen, the frontier inspection vessel Automatic Identification System information (referred to as "AIS System"), the implementation of the ship anchorage all-weather precision monitoring and control. It is reported that, AIS system is a set of port infrastructure information, real-time information on ship, ship database and other functions as one of the seaport business applications. Shenzhen, the frontier inspection station, said police, through the system of electronic charts and other functions of civilian police to control the surrounding real-time tracking of all vessels within the waters of the dynamic, ready to detect the ship name, port of registry, nationality and the course, the route and so can be visualization of information management at the port entry and exit play a very good ship monitoring results, as well as seaport customs clearance to provide more adequate data. During the Asian Games, the frontier inspection station in close connection with the Shenzhen port ships carrying personnel forecasting system, harbor information and other high-tech means of integrated query system, early intervention immigration ship. According to the site statistics, November 9 to 15, the station Fuyong terminals, oil terminals, freight terminals more than 200 flights ships are dynamically regulated by point, line, surface management to strengthen the control points around the waters of inspection coverage and improve on the discovery of suspicious ships and personnel capabilities, real-time supervision of a clear grasp of ships within the waters of the dynamic, to ensure safety during the Asian Games seaport does not stay dead, to build a security ring ring Guangdong.
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