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Special fares cheaper than train tickets roads behind the restrictions
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12 next month, fly to Beijing, Ningbo ticket price as long as 330 yuan, 16 fly as long as 250 yuan, Qingdao, Wuhan, 17, as long as the 270 fly, so cheap air tickets are not to make you want to climb the Great Wall and see the sea, Gordon Yellow Crane Tower? With the development of online shopping, online special fares as springing up, as long as advance booking, online banking, and move faster, it is possible to buy cheaper than train tickets cheap air tickets. However, a limited number of special fares, there are many restrictions on the use of the fare does not include various taxes, together with the official site in addition to airlines, the ticket agent websites of various good and bad, looks very attractive special fares, but the time of purchase also need a pair of eyes. Online parts cheaper than the train ticket If you are clever enough time to travel, buy air tickets cheaper than the train is not very difficult piece, but the vast majority of these offers come from Internet sales. From Ningbo to Beijing, the train fare is 558 yuan soft upper, but I yesterday morning by a ticket agent to the site search, Nov. 12 Southern Airlines has launched special fares as long as 330 yuan, fuel surcharge and airport count total construction cost is also only 420, a lot cheaper than the train. Day, Wuhan, Ningbo, tickets lowest fare to fly 340 million, also below the train soft sleeper price 383 yuan spread; and the same day, a sleeper train to Guangzhou, the price of 345 yuan, but in line, 320 yuan special fares Members of the public can spend less time and travel expenses to go to see the grand opening ceremony of the Games. There Hainan Airlines, Spring Airlines and other companies launched 99 yuan series of special votes, dozens of major routes across the country, offers a lot cheaper than train tickets, travel arrangements if appropriate, buy cheap air tickets in advance on the website, can save a number of considerable expense. Why so cheap air tickets Such a low ticket price, profit is very little room, and some even below cost price, why airlines should have "engaged in special"? In fact, this is a promotional tool, to engage special will bring many benefits to airlines. According to industry analysts, special fares to attract many consumers to choose the one hand, air travel, to some extent compensate for the loss of tourists and will encourage more people to convert travel, air travel consumers to tap the potential to create a more large profit margins; the other hand, the domestic airline flights generally low load factor, flight cost burden is too large. Special offers to attract tourists not only to vote a certain cost recovery, but also reduce the profit margins of competitors, an effective means to expand market share. In addition, special activities will also help airlines promote their image and increase awareness, engage in special can be said to be "focusing on word of mouth." Special ticket restrictions must discern the authenticity of online shopping and more I found that the vast majority of the current special ticket sales through the network, it normally takes online payments, and the number of daily tickets, and open space is limited, consumers can not buy anywhere super cheap tickets. China Southern Airlines yesterday morning as I check the official website that, in order to buy Ningbo, Wuhan, 270 of the special flight tickets, the first is the November 17 tickets, that is needed now more than a month after the only ticket booking, and I vote only a 5. The CEA's official website shows 宁波飞昆明 special ticket discount of 2.4, was first on November 10 in the. Note also that the special votes are generally not included airport construction fee and fuel surcharge, we can not refund, and change 改签 other procedures, but can not participate in the integration activities of airlines, passengers can not change if the temporary emergency trip. Some proxy sites also charge a fee, tying insurance, look at before buying the best site for instructions. In addition, as an online purchase, the name can not be ruled out criminals the guise of a trickster cheap airline tickets, booking air tickets online consumers have to polish his eyes. First of all to choose informal channels, such as the airline's website directly, formal sales agents or Taobao stations as well as formal qualifications formal shops, high credibility, good service business travel network, and pay attention to check the company Web site, name, address, telephone whether Trade and Industry Bureau registration match. Best book after the success of the initiative to obtain a single trip to purchase websites and timely check-ticket authenticity. Meet the specified requirements of the money in the account directly hit, consumers should be vigilant and not easily fooled. Also, pay attention to understand the ticket restrictions.
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