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HNA launched special fares spike activities 99 100 per day discount tickets
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Hainan Airlines Fortune Wings Club in Beijing to study eleven members are particularly pleased that Ms Liu, pre-holiday HNA website for her mother to spike a ticket from Guilin to Beijing: "Mom has finally come to the school to see me ... ... before she was always reluctant to take aircraft, the only cost 99 yuan to 1,790 yuan to buy a full price ticket, I really appreciate the activities of Hainan Airlines. " September 15, the Hainan Airlines announced the launch of 99 special ticket "spike" activity, released 100 special fares every day, regardless of route, date, price be 99 dollars. It is understood that the activities of a launch, immediately caused the majority of the "spike up to" the close attention of the emergence of just 99 yuan tickets will be sold out within minutes. Closing date of the release, Hainan Airlines has launched nearly 3,000 99 tickets, Hainan Airlines and Grand China will benefit more than 200 domestic flights self, covering nearly 70% of its routes. Beijing - Chongqing Beijing - Shanghai, Beijing - Shenzhen, and other routes are in hot pursuit of the general membership. It is understood that the activities are designed for Hainan Airlines Fortune Wings Club members customized feedback activities, where members can participate Jinpeng, HNA unregistered users fill out the official website for relevant information, complete the membership registration process, you can participate in the "spike." HNA launched against members of such a large force feedback activities, but also caused a member of the praise. "Thank you HNA such a good opportunity for us office workers, sitting on the plane can not get time! Willing to cause rapid HNA! May HNA bring more benefits to us and lucky! Once again, thank HNA!" Friends "love HNA "shout Road. "Love Hainan Airlines, HNA wish grow day by day, as with Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific Airways par" User "ICAO" said. The campaign will continue until December 31, 2010, summed up the enthusiastic members Jinpeng "spike" the success of ticket Cheats, for your reference. The first step: register as a member Jinpeng Members to carry out the activities for Jinpeng, if not the Hainan Airlines Fortune Wings Club members, to spike to their favorite ticket, it must first complete the membership registration process. Hainan Airlines official website via (www.hnair.com), Wings Club website (ffp.hnair.com) or call the 24-hour booking hotline 950718 Hainan Airlines Tel membership. Step two: close watch on Hainan Airlines official website, so that "the key of votes" Master the "spike" the ticket time, Hainan Airlines official website daily in three sessions (9:30-10:30,14:30-15:30,19:30-20:30) to carry out the "spike" activity, prior Browse leg each time period, find a suitable itinerary. "Spike" log on 30 minutes before the site up again, "spike" process, mentally prepared. The third step: The last 5 seconds is the key "Spike" of the Code is "fast", so grab tickets when the time comes, click the mouse to lightning, the landing site after a complete check all information has been filled, as members of "love Hainan Airlines," said, "grab some votes should pay attention to the timing, coming spike must be fixed on the last 5 seconds is good, once a flash point of the last second grab, in all likelihood be able to grab. " Step four: ten minutes to complete the payment Grab a ticket to the event requires within 10 minutes after the payment and ticketing must be completed, such as overtime payments and the outstanding votes and seats will be automatically canceled for other members to buy, so do not switch off at the last chain, prepared in advance credit card online banking in the hand and make sure the opening is necessary to do the homework.
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