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Teachers and students will be able to purchase discount tickets ZH 3
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The reporter learned from Shenzhen Airlines  was informed that any travel Shenzhen Airlines this year April 10 to Dec. 31 flight students, teachers, the elderly, military and other special populations, with a valid identity document, ahead of 10 days (inclusive) to buy Shenzhen Airlines ticket, can enjoy 3 fold discount prices.

Shenzhen Airlines introduces specific marketing staff, the old man who is 60 years old citizens of mainland China, will present their ID card or household registration book, passport or other valid identity certificate; students by country (including Hong Kong, Macao) issued by the full-formal institutions system "student card" or school certificate (stamped with the school seal); teachers valid documents issued by the Chinese education sector, "Teacher"; military valid documents issued by the Central Military Commission "card soldiers" or "military officer."

Passengers may call the telephone booking ZH 95080, valid certificates directly under the original ticket to Shenzhen Airlines tickets; also be valid documents directly under the original ticket directly to the Shenzhen Airlines to buy tickets.

Shenzhen Airlines also reminded that these are all special fares, once the purchase of passengers can not be changed, a refund, check turn, the passenger voluntarily caused the refund, change and check switch, such as flight cancellations and other special reasons, according to the latest version of Shenzhen Airlines, "Customer Service Guide "relevant regulations. This offer applies to all domestic flights and ZH's Henan air routes, Kunming Airlines, Kunming Airlines and Shenzhen Airlines code-share flights and international charter flights to waive.

March 28 flight from the summer season, and Shenzhen Airlines Shanghai route will also make some adjustments, including new Shanghai Pudong - Nanchang route, in Shanghai - Nanning, added a flight route, together with the original Shanghai Shenzhen Airlines - Shenzhen route, Shanghai - Guangzhou route, Shanghai - Jinjiang route, Shanghai - Jingdezhen routes, Shenzhen Airlines in Shanghai outbound flights to six.

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