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10 years one metempsychosis may weigh civil aviaton 9 years the track of an over
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Oil price of even if international already dropped from the highest peak value July half, also cannot the fall of countervail market demand. International aviation carries association (International Air Transport Association, IATA, abbreviation " international boat assist " ) eve predicts, the loss this year will enlarge global aviation industry further, the 5.2 billion dollar that before exceeding, forecasts.

And domestic analysis personage points to, was not come to two years the dual impact with growth of plane supply high speed and fatigued and weak demand, domestic aviation industry treads probably again 1998 the track of an overturned cart of entire trade deficit after Asian banking crisis, but the process that because this quickens aviation industry,perhaps recombines.

Business affairs passenger traffic volume will continue to lose

International boat assist announced a few days ago international aviation carried data to show September, global passenger transport and freight dropped respectively compared to the same period 2.9% with 7.7% , rate of international seat of honour fell than August 4.4% to 74.8% . Asia-Pacific area served as the market goods volume with the largest whole world to drop 10.6% . "This is from 2003 the biggest since SARS drop. The rate with exasperate traffic is very rapid, and transmission is extensive " , thing of international boat assistant manager grows Mr Bixiniyani (Giovanni Bisignani) say.

What make airline nervous more is, the profit in cake also begins most rich and generously partly " mildewy " . August, asia-Pacific area first-class stateroom cabin / business affairs cabin (abbreviation " two cabin " ) , data of tourist class passenger transport produced now to fall for the first time since SARS 2003 oneself, dropped respectively 1.5% with 0.1% . International boat assist point out, financial crisis brings about business affairs to give the amount of travel to drop considerably directly. As next year the possibility of occurrence decline strengthens the economy of main economy area, will affect directly business affairs and go vacationing the passenger's amount. Predicting future two cabin passenger traffic volume, especially business affairs passenger traffic volume will continue to lose.

Civil aviaton or serious step 1998 trade deficit

Although international line is narrow, but domestic airline also fails from the escape by sheer luck in global economic depression. The near future, 3 big airline of domestic will be announced money of the 3rd quarter signs up for this year, but look from current condition, the performance that should be season of annual sale gold originally may be quite dismal.

"We hope to pass originally increase sale, promotion profit makes expensive two cabin professional work, but current condition should plan possibly afresh, the company can do a specification in 3 quarterly reports. " yellow Bin of boat Dong Bi tells the country the reporter.
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