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Miracle! The barge against in two planes sky descends in safety unexpectedly nob
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In new network on October 23 report: In occupying Taiwan wide press, american division collect pulls many alarm with the plane, in carry in sending a person to make way, with barge against of another small plane, descend in safety fortunately, get hurt without the person, boat is in charge of an unit to say, this is a miracle simply.

The Xisina of police station of sanded county of much plum of subject division Luo La is odd engine small plane, 22 days move local time in sending convict road, mixing another is odd engine plane of Xisina likewise, in the dash against in 3000 meters tall sky.

The report did not say the plane is collide of which one part after all, return after collision from two planes nevertheless can safe descend, should not be significant position, eyewitness sees two planes tail damaged, alarm the front of machine also suffers achieve, boat is in charge of personnel to say, collide in plane sky, below regular state, the person calculates not dead, also get take out half life, in this accident actually nobody gets hurt, can saying only is a miracle. Net of Wuhan ticket Wu

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