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85 million Chinese Sha compensates for hang back Chinese consignor goods is acti
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In the whole world many large airline admits his guilt in succession after be punished, the world air-freight antitrust of nearly 3 years when be case all the more is Anacreontic. Among them, the airline of German Han Sha that announced to agree to reconcile in September 2006 (Deutsche Lufthansa AG, say below " Han Sha aviation " ) , affirm will take out compensation of 85 million dollar, exchange the right that exempt investigates at continueing to accept antitrust.

This 85 million dollar is just like falls from the day pasty to airborne goods generation of China, consignor.

According to American judiciary (next weighing " DOJ " ) definition, arrived on January 1, 2000 between September 11, 2006, to include Han Sha aviation inside all individuals that the air-freight company that DOJ of any be involved in survey buys air-freight to serve and substance, all authority puts forward Shen Suo to this compensation. "This includes basically all did not become plaintiff actively enterprise of representative of square Chinese consignor, freight. " Han Lide of chief inspector of the law before Jialidatong says.

However, to the compensation that this sky falls down, fall victim enterprise of home happens to coincide the ground chose wait-and-see.

Can choose route of claim for compensation

Industry of Chinese goods generation, consignor not battle and Qu Renzhi arms, result from the accuser definition that DOJ turns over Qatar to investigate to this is limitted. Because Chinese Sha aviation is what cost and accuser place represent to reconcile with 85 million dollar,collective is reached " reconcile agreement " , regional court of the eastpart part of new York of American federal court already on April 4, 2008 preliminary affirm Han Sha aviation reconciles collective.

According to American federal the court admits really, be in afore-mentioned during all individuals that buy or buy American churchyard or shipment ground, destination through freight agent and substance, solving corresponding retaining fee, legal cost, referred effective " claim for compensation is expressed " hind can divide aerial of Han Sha of a thick soup this compensation.

DOJ respect says to our newspaper explanation, chinese Sha aviation reconciles collective member is uptodate have 4 kinds of choices.

One of, continue to reconcile as Chinese Sha aviation collective member, refer before Feburary 12, 2009 " claim for compensation is expressed " , with sharing Han Sha aviation to reconcile gold is compensated. Secondly, exit Chinese Sha aviation to reconcile collective, abandon sharing Chinese Sha aviation to reconcile golden qualification, put forward claim for compensation to ask alone to Chinese Sha aviation at one's own expenses, referred written requirement before on November 12 this year. Thirdly, do not exit Chinese Sha aviation to reconcile collective, but object reconciling, be in forward on November 12 the court puts on record crosscurrent, mail reconcile collective lawyer and attorney of Chinese Sha aviation, accessibly from or entrust a lawyer (the retaining fee pays oneself) attend fair hearing, refer a court to think reasonable, relevant evidence or reason. The 4th, nonfeasance, abandon offerring the right of all claim for compensation to Chinese Sha aviation.
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